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Y’all, Dana is where it is AT. I hired her for my Micro-Wedding out on the Oregon Coast. Here is a LIST of reasons you gotta hire this wonderful human or you are really missing out:

1) she is ABSOLUTELY hilarious. Girl had me HOWLING in the middle of my photos. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to. My husband and I are kinda awkward when we pose but she made us look and FEEL comfortable.

2) the photos she gave us were EDITORIAL worthy. THEM THINGS WERE FIRE YALL. I’ve never cried at a stationary photo, BUT DANA MARUNA’S? The flood gates OPEN. She IS A WIZARD. She takes a photo that you think you would look awkward in, and when you actually see it, you look like America’s Next Top Model. I cannot express this enough. Beautiful photos

3) she responds SO FAST, is always punctual, and organized. She knew when and where everyone was even when I didn’t. Y’all it was a life saver on the day of. Thinking you need reminders the day of? Nope, you got Dana freakin’ Maruna. A God sent. she is literally the sweetest soul. She is your biggest cheerleader.

Hire her. You will have amazing, timeless photos that make you SHED TEARS, and a wonderful human to spend your day with.

Sarah + Nick